Review: Finding Our Way Home

Finding Our Way Home takes place in a small town in Wanonishaw, Minnesota where Sasha Davis, a well known and exalted ballerina, has decided to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Her career came to a crashing end when she suffered an injury during one of her performances. To make matters worse, the injury happened when she was dancing with her partner and husband, Donald Major. Although she is aware of Donald’s innocence in the accident, she still can’t bear to have him see her in such a state; mostly when his career is still going strong, and so she separates herself from him. Her only helper in recovering is the new aide she has hired, Evelyn. Evelyn is a young nineteen year old whose positive attitude becomes a major encouragement to Sasha. As their friendship grows, Sasha discovers that life is more than ballet but after all she has put her husband through, will he even talk to her again?

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