Star Trek Mini-Reviews

The Children of Kings brings to life one of the commanding adventures of Christopher Pike, the second captain of the starship Enterprise, and this galactic adventure involves the Klingon and the Orion races. Starbase 18 lies in ruins, believed to have been attacked by the Klingons.

In The Fearful Summons the Excelsior is exploring the outer limits of space when they encounter the Maldari, a Thraxian trader. Tricked into boarding Maldari’s ship, Sulu and ten other crew mates are kidnapped, taken back to Maldari’s planet, and held for ransom.

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Review: On This Day in Christian History

There is one devotional a day, which I liked because it didn’t feel intimidating. Each page gave you the title and story, the date, and the Bible verse or verses; no page numbers in this book. The story given for each day differs but all the stories direct you inward. They make you think about the person you just read and due to the story, you tend to spiritually inspect yourself. The verse at the end helps encompass the reading.

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