CLOSED-November’s Create a Sentence Contest

I have a fun contest for November – and just in time for Christmas too! And why do I mention Christmas? Because in this month’s contest you can win some amazing prizes to give or to keep! Enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card, a free book, PLUS if you “like” MaryEllen Herrera (Portraits of M.E.)’s Facebook page you could also win a surprise gift! Now that’s an exciting contest I’m really thrilled about (hope you are too)!

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I’ve Been Nominated for an Illuminating Blogger Award!

It’s always exciting when your blog is recognized for an award, after all, it’s hard work to keep a blog active and interesting while attracting followers. That is why Food Stories brought a smile to my face when they nominated Portrait’s of M.E. for an Illuminating Blogger Award! Thank you Food Stories for stopping by and for visiting my blog. 😀

Now I’d like to recognize a few blogs that have really lighted up my life and which have written and shared some illuminating posts:

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