Book Shop Vlog – Barnes & Noble

Guess what I just did? I recorded my first ever “blog shop”! It was scary and I said “um” a lot but I did it! This recording is the first one, without editing (which shows but who cares, I’m just happy I got through it!), and without trying to do it over – just raw footage first time on camera. If I was brave enough I would have tried again without the pauses and ums but once was stressful enough. As I get more use to video I am hoping my vlogs are more streamlined and more interesting.

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Do You PaperBackSwap?

I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with and the wonderful idea behind the program, but I’m a late bloomer and really didn’t know much about it until my sister Cynthia ( introduced me to it. I quickly joined up, been a member now since September 2011, and began to post a few books to my shelf.

Now finding the books to post was a chore for me because

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