Review: Paws & Tales (DVD)

The Paws & Tales DVD contains two episodes titled: The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill, and The Great Go-Kart Race. Each episode encourages and teaches your child about forgiveness and references Bible verses from Matthew.

I am a huge fan of radio theatre. I am also a fan of the radio program Paws & Tales. It use to, and I am sad it no longer does, air every Saturday at 7:30pm and I was a frequent listener to the fun yet Biblically sound lessons each episode taught. When I discovered that Insight for Living produced a cartoon version of the much loved radio program, I was ecstatic! Even more so when it was listed as a product up for review. I had no hesitations as I choose this as my next “book” to review.

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Review: Miracle for Jen

Miracle for Jen is the miraculous story of a teenaged girl whose life was radically changed the night a drunk driver hit her family’s van while they were returning home from church. Although her Mom and Dad, and brother were injured, Jen received the blunt of the crash and ended up in a coma for five weeks. As her parents, Andy and Linda, slowly recovered from their multiple injuries, they continued to faithfully visit Jen in the hospital. Many were praying, asking for a miracle; that Jen would awake from the coma. Then one night it happened, God touched Jen and she awoke praying and praising God! Although out of the coma, Jen’s brain trauma still made it difficult for her to do certain things, and she couldn’t remember events, people, and places or even recent conversations, which caused moments of confusion, but whenever she prayed her spirit soared and it was as if she wasn’t a victim of a brain injury. Jen and her story became an inspiration to the many people she encountered, and as she continued to heal God continued to use her and her family to further His testimony of love, mercy, and grace.

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