Star Trek Mini-Reviews

The Children of Kings brings to life one of the commanding adventures of Christopher Pike, the second captain of the starship Enterprise, and this galactic adventure involves the Klingon and the Orion races. Starbase 18 lies in ruins, believed to have been attacked by the Klingons.

In The Fearful Summons the Excelsior is exploring the outer limits of space when they encounter the Maldari, a Thraxian trader. Tricked into boarding Maldari’s ship, Sulu and ten other crew mates are kidnapped, taken back to Maldari’s planet, and held for ransom.

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Review: Q-Squared (Star Trek)

Q-Squared features the Next Generation crew, but the reason I picked it up (I’m really a TOS fan) was because of the character of Trelane, who, if you are familiar with the original series, is a character taken from the original era of the series and placed into the future Star Trek timeline involving Picard and crew. How is this possible? Well, Trelane isn’t human…no, he is actually a member of the Q continuum – a powerful group of beings who have God-like abilities and are capable of manipulating time, matter, and space.

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