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ME_Portraits of M.E.About me pages are always so hard to write.  For one, what information do I want to share?  And for another, how can I make that information interesting to a perfect stranger?  It’s not an easy task to look forward to..but I’ll try my best.

I live in Southern California and have lived in California my whole life.  It’s where my family is and to me family is a good reason to stay.  I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing since I was little…and I have many of those stories still; they, however, will not be posted here…that would be too embarrassing.

I created this blog to share some of the stories I have written.  A few of them will not be posted in full as I am submitting them to publishers.  Please feel free to post comments as all feedback is appreciated – mostly if it helps to improve the tale.

I will also be posting book reviews to this site as I am an avid reader – aren’t most writers?  This can be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing since reading does take me away from writing, but boy are there so many good books out there to read!  To see what books I have reviewed and what books I am currently reading, check out my page “Books on My Shelf“.

And for the curious readers who have noticed the name December Joy in the URL to this blog (which no longer shows, now that I’ve updated it) and are wondering about it, it’s quite simple. During my high school years I decided I wanted to change my name and I picked December Joy. I thought it was a lovely writer’s name (still do) and although I never changed it, I still use it once in awhile. Now the reason I decided not to change it is another story…maybe I’ll share that piece of information in the future or better yet, maybe I’ll write about it!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find a story that speaks to you.

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4 responses to “About M.E.

  1. Hi, M.E. I live in MV and have just completed the sequel to my two-book Contemporary Epic Fantasy “Mjolnir Found, A New Mythology” and “In the Shadow of the Spider,” much of which takes place in Orange County, and includes Norse Mythology extrapolated beyond Ragnarok. If you would be interested in reviewing it, email me or message me your email on fb, and I’ll email both books, or you can purchase them on smashwords.com.
    Thanks, Kenneth Folta

  2. hello, my name is Maryellen Herrera too lol….or as well should I say…this is so cool….

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