Beanboozled – Book Edition!

Oh my goodness, this game was one for the books! 😉 It was so stressful to pick a jellybean because it could be the awful dreaded VOMIT flavored bean…and there’s NO WAY I wanted to chew on that!  Playing the game with my cousin made it a fun experience even though I may have gotten a “bad” bean during this game. So, come join me and Jessika and see what wonderful or dreadful flavor of jellybeans we had to eat while playing BEANBOOZLED – BOOK EDITION!!

👍 I’d like to give a special shout-out to my husband who edited this video. He spent a lot of time adding fun clips/sounds and making this video enjoyable to watch (even though I have to cover my eyes during the throw-up scene). He did such a fantastic job! Thank you!

Thank you for watching! 👀

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