Lunch Breaks Were Made for Reading

Since I have been reading more and getting involved in BookTube, I find that I have a very large TBR (to be read) pile that appears to grow, rather than shrink…so, in order to work my way through my TBR, I have to find all the available time I can to read and my lunch breaks are actually one of the best times for me to read during the day.  When I read on my lunch breaks, food is optional and it really depends on how quickly I can find food nearby (because driving through a drive-thru can eat up precious reading minutes!) or if I was able to wake up early enough to pack a lunch (yeah, right! Getting up earlier than I have to is hard! Do you know what time I went to bed…after reading just one more chapter??).  Due to my lack of motivation to make my lunch, most days my normal trend is to snack as I work and then do without a lunch so that I can use all of my 30 minutes of break time reading.

It’s actually not as hard as it sounds since I do eat a small breakfast, so going without a full fledged lunch is possible for me; however, come 5pm I am staaaarving and can’t wait to get home to eat dinner! 😀

Other times I find to read? Other than on my lunch break, I find the time before bed – hence the late night and not wanting to wake up early the next morning.  Those are basically the only two times I read on a daily basis.  Weekends are a bit better since I have more free time – like 8 hours (work sucks…well, actually work pays for my books so I take that back) – and, no, I cannot dedicate all those eight hours to reading, but I do way better than on work days. My husband is very supportive of my reading habits.

Which brings me to this question, “Do you read on your lunch break?”.  If not, when do you find the time to read?  I’d love to hear how you squeeze reading into your busy everyday schedule!

I also tend to take Instagram photos on my lunch break because, I always have a book, and the lighting is almost always magnificent (thank you sunny California)!  You can follow me on Instagram – I’m under @dcemberjoy.

Here are a few of those Instagram book photos.


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