Writing Down My Goal

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on my blog and frankly, I miss it! I have been reading more and more over the months and I haven’t had the time to write any reviews…partly because I have been dedicating more time on YouTube making and editing videos, but also because life seems to keep chugging on at a rapid pace and I feel like there hasn’t really been any down time to sit down and write.

I think I have to schedule the time in, or else this blog might never get the attention it needs. I am proud of my accomplishments on this blog and I can’t believe I’ve written more than 90 book reviews here! (WOW!) And there are so many more books I want to share with you all, so beginning in March I am going to be writing reviews for the books I’ve read that have made some sort of impact on me – either good or bad – they’ll be written down here!

I’m writing this promise down and recording it here in hopes it will motivate me to stick to it! They always say to write down your goals because seeing them written down helps you to face them head on! They’ve been given birth and now cannot be ignored! 😉

So this is my short post promising more content on Portraits of M.E. I’m looking forward to returning to this blog and I hope you share some of my excitement as well.

Good things are yet to come!

But first, some fun memes….

But in my case, it’s my list of book reviews I’ve recently written.

Um…yeah, that seems about right.

Except for me it’ll be BookTube videos, hahaha!

Hey, half the battle is knowing who the enemy is…right?!

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