Review: Haven

I just finished reading Haven by Mary Lindsey and I really enjoyed this book. I received this book in my November PageHabit box. It was the month I decided to try the “add-on” feature, where you can add a book to your box for $18.99 (which upon thinking about it, I actually paid more by adding a YA book since they tend to be lower in price than other genres and this book retails for $17.99…bummer!) Anyway, I’ll sooth myself by saying I paid a $1 extra to receive the author’s annotations – a small consolation, but luckily I liked the book and was engrossed with the story.

Haven tells the story of Rain, the untypical from-the-streets teenager, who ends up being sent to New Wurzburg to live with his Aunt due to his mother’s untimely death. Arriving in New Wurzburg, he soon discovers the town’s people are not exactly your normal small townsfolk. Drawn to a local girl named Freddie, Rain is soon immersed in the town’s secret cult and someone’s obsession for power. As he and Freddie try to solve her Dad’s murder, they become a target to those who seek to take control of the town.

This book was interesting and kept me reading and although I had some issues with the relationship between Rain and Freddie, I liked the overall story Mary Lindsey weaved together. She did a fantastic job of developing this world and sharing it with the reader by using Rain’s perspective, as a newbie, to clarify and explain this world’s existence.

From the very beginning I was transformed from my ho-hum life to the exciting, ever active life of Rain and Freddie. There was a lot going on in this book, but I felt all of it helped develop the plot of the story. I like all the characters – even the villains in the book – and enjoyed their involvement in the secrets surrounding the town and how they played a part in either convoluting or helping to solve the mystery.

The only relationship that made my eyes roll a few times was the attraction between Rain and Freddie. Let me just say that their relationship was way over the top and I think kind of unrealistic. Yes, you can be attracted to someone by looks alone, but some of the conversations between them were so overdone that it took me out of the story Mary Lindsey was telling because it wasn’t believable. However, even though I was distracted by their foreplay, I still liked them as a couple.

What I really enjoyed in the story was the mythical aspects of the Watchers and Weavers. I won’t go into much detail here because part of what made this book so interesting to me was Rain’s research in finding out what Watchers and Weavers were and the history surrounding them. What I will say is that this is what made the story for me. I was enthralled by them and liked what was shared in the book.

The mystery surrounding Freddie and her Dad’s murder was well written. The author did a swell job in distracting you from guessing who the killer was, in part because there were so many plausible suspects! The secondary story surrounding Rain and his vision wasn’t as hard to solve and I knew right away what the outcome of the vision would be. I can’t really go into more detail than that without revealing too much, but let me say that even if you do come to the same conclusion, it doesn’t make the story any less entertaining.

Overall, Haven held my attention and had me craving more so I would have to say it was a successful read for me and I would recommend it to others who like to read fantasy or mythology novels. I’m sure this one will get your imagination going as you read about Rain and Freddie, along with all the characters living in New Wurzburg.

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