A Valentine Book Spree!

This post is a little late, but I wanted to share with you the books my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day. He is such a wonderful husband who always makes me feel loved, and this date was no different. He told me a day before that for Valentine’s Day he was giving me a book shopping spree! And later that night I found a box of Junior Mints (one of my favorite candies) on my pillow with a Barnes & Noble gift card attached to the back. It was such a lovely gesture and I couldn’t help but feel warm with love!

I’ve often told him that if he wants to see me really happy, all he needs to do is buy me a book and I guess he listened. I am thankful for a husband who listens and who likes to see me happy.

Okay, that’s enough gushing about my husband. I’m sure you’re more interested in the books I bought at Barnes & Noble. Before I head there though, let me just say we started the day off at Hill Street Café and fueled up on some good ol’ American breakfast food. It was delicious! And the bonus part of breakfast was that they recently built a library right next door! So after eating a hearty breakfast, we walked next door to check out the new library. I should have taken a picture or two, but I was too in awe of the modern look of this library. Although small, it was beautiful! I’ll have to go back and take a few pictures to share in a future post.

Right when we entered we saw a sign above a few bookshelves that read “Sale” or something to that affect, so that was the first place we headed over to. I found two books of interest and Bobby found two as well. Each book was 50 cents and all I had on me was a dollar because I used the other money I had for the tip at breakfast. Being the self-sacrificing wife I am, and knowing I had a shopping spree coming up (wink, wink), I handed over the dollar to Bobby so he could buy the books he found. I did find 3 books to haul and they were: 1.) Deadly Flowers, 2.) A Face Like Glass and 3.) Caraval.

After checking the books out, we were off to Barnes & Noble!

Here I found 6 books (the box set includes 2 books)…I wanted so much more books on my shopping spree, but I didn’t want to spend all of my husband’s money. J Because you know we booklovers can buy books, LOL.

The books I purchased during my visit were:

  1. A boxed set which included To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. I’ve never read To Kill a Mockingbird although I’ve seen the original black and white movie. The box set was so nicely priced at $14.98 that I knew I had to get it so I could read it. Knowing I like the movie, I’m sure I’ll like the book, as well as the other title included in the set.
  2. I found Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius on the clearance shelf and thought the story sounded quite interesting. Ghost Boy is about a boy who mysteriously became so ill he was unable to move or communicate to his family. He was aware of his surroundings, but unable to communicate with those he loved. It’s his story about what happened during that time until the time he was able to communicate again.
  3. Wandmaker by Ed Masessa was a book I found just browsing the shelves in the Children’s section of the bookstore. I think it was misplaced because it was the only copy and it wasn’t in the author alphabetical order on the shelf. This one is a cute tale about a boy who finds out that his family’s descendants were wandmakers and as he discovers this gift, he accidentally transforms his sister with a spell. I bought this book because it just sounded fun and lighthearted. Sometimes you need a delightful children’s book to get you through a tough grown-up adult day!
  4. The next book I purchased was Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken. I knew this book was part of a series, but when I was at B&N, I couldn’t remember if this was the first book or not and the book didn’t clearly say. I ended up buying it anyway and when I got home, I discovered it was the second book in the series. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to buy the first book so I can read this book. Buying books out of sequence is one reason I really do not like reading books that are part of a series. Maybe I’ll write more about this book peeve in a future post.
  5. And the final book I purchased was Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton. I don’t know much about this book but when I read the synopsis on the back, it drew me in. The only part that kind of made me question whether or not I wanted to read the book was the part about the main character and the mention of her love interest who happens to be her best friend. I’m not much for YA romantic relationships. If it’s minimal in the overall story arc, then I think I’ll enjoy this book. And again, after purchasing it I noticed this is book one in a series…I don’t know how many books are in the series, but at least this time I purchased the first one. 😉

Overall it was a very good day and date. I’m happy with the books I purchased and I can’t wait to read them. Like all my other hauls, these books will probably not be read this year since I already have this year allocated with the books I plan on reading. Yet, you never really know how many books you can read in a year because sometimes you have those months where you breeze through books with no effort, like breathing air. If that’s the case, I might get to these books sooner than I anticipate.

Let me know if any of these books are favorites of yours and if I should bump them up on my reading list. I would love to hear what you think.

Until my next post, may you find some time today to set aside with that one delightful friend, we booklovers know as, a good book.

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