My October TBR

It’s October 12th and I know this post is a little late, but I want to share with you the books I plan on reading this month.  Since its October, I am very excited to read some “Halloween-ish” books!  However, since I am not a fast reader and since I have a limited amount of time to read these books, I decided to read 3 or maybe 4 Halloween type books this month.

My goal for September was to finish the 3rd LARGE book in the Game of Thrones series so that I could dedicate the whole month of October to Halloween and “horror” stories (I’ve quoted ‘horror’ because I’m not a real horror fan and like the PG horror contained in children’s books). I am happy to report I finished the Game of Thrones book last week and now I’m on a quest to read these titles in October.

  • Castle Hangnail – this one I should be able to read pretty fast since it is a grade school book. The story sounds fun and lighthearted…even though the story plot is about a castle that needs a Master.  In this case, a wicked witch, in the form of a 12-year old girl named Molly.
  • The Apprentice Witch – this book I received in my September Owlcrate Jr. box and I think it’s a perfect read for this month as well. This story is about a witch who failed her witch’s assessment and is sent, in disgrace, to be an apprentice in the small town of Lull.  That’s all I know, but it sounds like she has to learn how to become a real witch and that sounds like a fantastic story to read in October!
  • What the Witch Left – this book looks nice and short, so I know I’ll be able to read this one in no time. The story is about a young girl who finds an enchanted piece of clothing in a dresser drawer that was left by her Aunt.  That’s about all I know about the story, but that’s enough to grab my attention! 😉


And…I am reading two books this month that aren’t Halloween themed, but because one of them is a book I agreed to read for a publisher titled “Adored”, it needs to be read and reviewed by 11/12, which makes this a priority read this month. The other book is the first book in a series and a friend suggested this one to me.  The book is called “Fall of Giants” and my friend is very excited for me to start reading it, so I thought I would begin reading it this month.  It is a very large book (900+ pages) and I think it’ll take me more than one month to finish.

On top of all these books, I am also listening to another book on CD called “The Waiting”.  The story follows a woman by the name of Minnie who was physically assaulted when she was 16 (I think) and, due to the time period, she gave her daughter up for adoption.  It was the hardest decision for her and the book recalls her yearning to know more about her daughter whom she never saw grow up.  I’m looking forward to listening to this one, although, it sounds very emotional and I know I’m going to be enveloped in the life of Minnie while experiencing her ups and downs in life.  I think I’m going to need tissue for this book.

Wow, the total for this month is a whopping SIX books which is a bit ambitious for me, but I think I can get through them all if I set my mind to it!  Luckily, I’m reducing my second job work hours so that’ll give me more time to read…unless I ‘m distracted by October/Halloween adventures to the pumpkin patch, ghost walks, and candy/decoration shopping!

And if you are reading some Halloween type books, please share what you are reading in the comment section.  I’d love to read about them because I’m always on the lookout for good books.

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