When Your Ears Want to Listen

It is really hard not to listen to the “office” talk on Monday mornings when everyone seems to have seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones and me? Why, I’m still reading the second book.  I have vowed not to see the series until I’ve read all the books because I know if I watch them, then I’ll forsake the next 3 books I need to read in lieu of the TV series.  Thus, the books will all end up on my TBR pile (probably forever) and I can’t have that happening.  So, as my co-workers talk about the wonderfully surprising and fabulous episodes, I’m trying to concentrate on work and not ease drop on all the conversations going on around me.  It’s hard, but I’m doing a dang fine job and lucky for me, the series finale just happened so I’m in the clear until next season…which means I have some heavy duty reading to get done!

Here is where I currently stand in my quest to read the entire series:

After reading the first book, I thought I would give myself a break before I starting the next book because the books are so long and they offer so much content that my head needed a break from all the different families, characters, places and subplots!  I thought a few days or a week or two would suffice, but last week I saw this post on my Facebook memories feed!

Check out that date!!

I couldn’t believe it was a year ago that I read the first book!  Where does the time go???  Seeing that Facebook reminder made me determined to pick up the next book and so I’m now reading A Clash of Kings and I’m on page 762.  I still have over 200 pages to read.  Yes, the second book is that big!

When I finish A Clash of Kings, I’m going to dive right into the third book.  No breaks this time!  I’ve learned my lesson and know a break is a dangerous thing for me.  Even though the next book, A Storm of Swords, is the longest book in the series and kind of intimidated by the length, I will continue onward in my Game of Thrones journey.

And that, my friends, is where I stand on Game of Thrones.


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