Book Wishing at Barnes & Noble

Last week I was making a “When & Where I Read” video for my YouTube channel and I decided to stop at Barnes & Noble because they have a café attached where I can sit and read while sipping a nice cup of coffee.  Well, I actually think I had a tea this time…which I regretted because it was dis-gust-ing!!  I thought I’d try the new raspberry vanilla tea Starbucks has introduced and I even splurged and ordered a venti size.  Big, big mistake! I only drank it because I spent money on it, but it was gross and I will never order that again.

That’s not the reason I’m writing today though.  The purpose of this post is to share with you the books I found while browsing the shelves.  I knew coming into the store that I wasn’t going to buy anything.  This didn’t mean I couldn’t look around and see all the beautiful books!  Yes, I love to torture myself that way.  I think all booklovers understand the struggle when they enter a bookstore with lint in their pockets instead of cash.

Since I couldn’t purchase anything, I decided to take pictures of the books that grabbed my attention and tempted me to no end to buy them.  I figured if I took a picture, I could send it to my husband for future gift giving for my birthday or Christmas.  Pretty smart, huh? *wink wink*

Here are the books I discovered during this trip to Barnes & Noble.  I’ll link the titles in case you are interested in learning more about these books (I do not participate in any affiliate programs so these are not affiliate links).

  1.  The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

2.  The Lake and the Lost Girl by Jacquelyn Vincenta

3.  The Orphan Keeper by Camron Wright

Have you read any of these?  When preparing to write this post, I looked up the titles and most of them received 4 or more stars from reviewers, so I think I’m in for a treat if I ever read them.

I tried going to my local library on Monday (8/7), but I couldn’t find any of these.  The card catalog, which is a computer database, was out of order and I searched under fiction and I just could not find them!  I did discover that my local library doesn’t keep a large section dedicated to fiction.  Most of the library was non-fiction and children’s books.  To be fair, it is a small library…I’m sure if I went to the Oxnard library, which is HUGE, I would have found all these titles and more!  Oh well, maybe next time.

I’m also planning on making a video about this trip, so you might want to checked out my YouTube channel and subscribe so that you are kept up-to-date on my reading adventures!

Take care all.

And remember to keep reading…

2 responses to “Book Wishing at Barnes & Noble

  1. Is that the Port Hueneme Library? It’s been so long since I’ve seen it!!

    Hogansville just built a new library. It is probably the size of Port Hueneme’s. We haven’t gone just yet. The original library was super tiny.

    Oh, and we got a new coffee shop! Yay! We haven’t gone yet, but hopefully soon.

    And, you should become an affiliate.

    • It is! It’s still pretty small, but I thought I would give it a try and see if they had any of these books.

      Oh, that’s wonderful – when I visit next, we need to go visit it. You should take some pictures and share them.

      I’m so happy to hear there’s a new coffee shop! You know how much I love coffee. 😉 Did I ever tell you that the coffee you bought me last visit caused me to get stopped at airport security? Haha! But it was worth it. 😀

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