Book Delivery Obsession!

Why is it when you order books online it takes – forever – for them to arrive?  I’m stocking the UPS tracking page for any indication on when I’ll receive my package.  Right now it gives me an estimate delivery date of Thursday 6/29…and the package is only 2 hours away in Bell Gardens, CA!  They are so close, yet so far and the booklover inside me wants me to take a road trip to pick up my poor tired books.  I’m sure they want to be home and settled into a nice cozy shelf as much as I want them here to sniff, flip through, and read.  Okay, am I sounding a little crazy?  Well, I think it’s just a typical response from any booklover waiting to embrace the beloved books they’ve so carefully selected out of the many choices available online.  But seriously, they are estimating Thursday as the delivery date for a package that is two hours away?  They are so close!  As I stock the UPS page I am secretly hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised by an early Wednesday delivery.  What do you think?  Will my books get here tomorrow or will I have to wait until Thursday before I can gleefully open the box to rediscover the books I ordered a week ago?

Please, please, please deliver my books soon!

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