Book Cover Peeve

While book browsing at Target recently, I was reminded of a book peeve I have that involves books that have been made into movies.  I don’t mind when a book is made into a movie, but what gets under my skin is when the movie trumps the original artwork on the book’s cover!  I am not a fan of this practice and it annoys me when I walk into a bookstore and see one of my favorite books with a new “Hollywood” cover on it.  I tend to steer away from these types of book covers and, instead, I try to find the original artwork or cover photo.

It just makes me sad when the original book cover is replaced by the movie’s rendition.  And, yes, I know some books have gone through several cover transformations over the years, but for some reason I’m not a fan seeing an actor or actress portraying a character.   Partly because actors change characters all the time so seeing Emily Blunt on The Girl on the Train cover isn’t ideal for me since her image is also associated with so many other movie characters.

Another reason why I dislike movie poster covers is the fact that I became a fan of the book partly due to the portrayal the publisher or author created on the book’s front cover.  After the title, it was the artwork that influenced my decision to pick up the book and read more about it.  And once I’ve bought the book and began to read it, it was the cover I referred to as I read through the book.  Yeah, more often than not what my imagination created differed from what was displayed on the cover, but that was okay.  It was still fun to compare the two.

Maybe I’m the exception; what do you think?  Do you care what picture is on the cover of a book you buy?

Oh, and one more peeve about movies and books…I do not like when a cover has the “Soon to be a major motion picture” advertisement on it. Books are like my friends and you don’t see me going around scribbling little messages on the top of their foreheads! 😀

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