When Book Lover’s Cry

Today as I was changing out the empty soap bottle in my bathroom for a new one, I discovered one of the soap bottles in the pantry had spilled. As I began cleaning the shelf, I noticed the soap had dripped down onto a pile of books I had in a bag on the floor below. My heart dropped as I discovered two of my Star Trek books had soaked up the spill. As a book lover, seeing these ruined books broke my heart! I hate to see books with spills, dents, or creased pages (ref. Don’t Break My Spine). So, it was with a sadden heart that I tossed them both into the trash.

What made this discovery more painful was that one of the books, From History’s Shadow, was given to me by my husband as a Valentine’s Day gift. Well, at least I was able to read and enjoy the story, so in a way, it shall live on!

Why were they in my pantry? Well, these were books I had finished reading and I put them in the closet because I didn’t want to pack them away. If I packed them away, I knew I would forget about them and these were books I still needed to review on my blog. They needed to be accessible for when I had the time to sit down and focus my thoughts and write a review for each of them.

I know some of you probably would have kept them, and I tried wiping the soap gunk off, but I knew deep down in my heart that both of these books were ruined beyond repair. I knew if I kept them I would become upset every time I looked at them. It was best for my mental health to get rid of them. I don’t know, I guess I am weird that way…what would you have done?

4 responses to “When Book Lover’s Cry

  1. I totally understand the feeling. For a book-lover, a stain on a book is far more devastating than one on a new dress. After the initial shock, I tell myself that now the book has a story of its own…

    • True. That’s a great way to look at it.

      I have a book I spilled coffee on and it made the pages look old…and the book was about the ancient Maya, so I kept it. 😉

  2. 😦 That is a toughy! I think I would have tossed them too if the gunk wouldn’t come out. I know what you mean though…I received a book in the mail from Amazon the other day and the front cover was bent. Ugh!

    • Ouch! I hate bent covers too. Yeah, there was just too much soap gunk on it that I knew it wouldn’t clean off. Or if I did clean it off, the wet soap would have damaged the pages so they wouldn’t be smooth anymore. Plus it was red, so even if I got the gunk off, the pages would have been stained. 😦

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