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I love when brown packages arrive…mostly when I know there are books inside!  So, last month I made a trip to Georgia to see my sister and her family.  While there we stopped by a few bookstores.  Again, I love that my family loves books as much as I do!  We made our way to Books-A-Million, which is a fun treat for me because this franchise hasn’t arrived in California yet (crossing my fingers!) and to their local Mom and Pop shop Blue Train Books.  We also hit some second hand stores too.  Overall, I scored a total of 12 books!



Now comes the hard part – when to find the time to read them all!  As a booklover, it’s very easy to buy books but it’s also very hard to find the time to read them all.  With two jobs, the time to read is slim.  For example, I’m still reading “How to be Like Walt” and I started that in January; it’s been over a month and I still have a 130 pages to go!  The book is so interesting too, but finding the time to sit and read it is a challenge.  Well, for now I’m going to place my new books on my ‘to read’ bookshelf – yes – bookshelf.  That’s how big my pile has gotten.

Thank you Don and Cynce for the perfect gifts and for mailing them to me!  I can’t wait to dive into one of these enticing tales.


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