When Books Aren’t Books

While in Texas last week my Dad took me to the Antique Mall in Plano.  The store is full of booths which are rented by different people who want to sell their items/goods and there’s a wide variety of objects to see and buy.  When I go to these types of stores I love to look at all the old books, magazines, and comic books people have to sell, just in case I find a hidden treasure.


On this trip I was “horrified” to see one booth had displayed books which were cut into the shape of letters!  My poor heart skipped a beat when I saw them.  Yeah, they were pretty cool…but I couldn’t believe someone would cut up a book to make this.  It would have been much better if they used cardboard to look like a book shaped like a letter…but I guess whomever did this wasn’t a booklover like me because I would never put a blade to a book.  I get upset when I accidently bend a page or crease a cover! So it just made me sad to see these books like this.  I know not everyone thinks the way I do about books, but I was actually pretty upset to see what I proclaimed to my brother as “the murder of books”.

When I saw them I thought I would share my discovery with all my wonderful book-loving blog followers so I took the below pictures to share with you all.

Question is, “How would you feel if you stumbled upon these while browsing through the store?”

20161112_165921 20161112_165941 20161112_170004

One response to “When Books Aren’t Books

  1. OMG, my first thought had to be these can’t be real books and I would have to say, why? Why would you do that to a book can’t you do your art out of something else. Well I was not happy to see that and I really don’t care for this art. On a more personal note, it was good to see you on Saturday and glad all is well.

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