Game of Thrones

How many of you are familiar with Game of Thrones, the TV series on HBO?  I’ve never seen it although my husband loves the show.  He gets excited when Sunday comes around because that’s the day the new episode airs.  This year he wanted me to watch the show with him, but I’m not one for starting in on a well-established series without having seen the previous seasons.  I let him know I would need to see seasons 1-5 first…and this is when he asked me, “Did you know the series was a book first?”  Oh…now he had the attention of this book reader!  I let him know I would like to read the books since he made the series sound so interesting.

That conversation was a few weeks ago and on Saturday we ended up at the bookstore.  When we got there I headed to the science fiction section to see what new Star Trek books were available. As I turned into the aisle, Bobby stopped me and showed me the Game of Thrones books.  Boy, those are some hefty books (over 900 pages)!  He said he’d buy me the first one for me to read.   So, upon leaving Barnes & Noble, I had the first two books in my bag…along with a Star Trek novel I sneaked in.

20160617_211127.jpg  20160617_211149-1.jpg

I’m not too sure I’ll complete the books before season 6 ends.  Like I said, these books are pretty thick and my reading time has been limited lately.  Plus I still have two books I need to finish before I can start reading Game of Thrones, but I’m looking forward to entering the Game of Thrones world.  From what Bobby has described, it’s going to be one intense adventure!

Anyone else a Game of Thrones fan – books or series?


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