Using Technology to Order Coffee

I just updated my Starbucks app and now I can order drinks using my mobile phone! I know, late bloomer.

Today when I walked to the Starbucks next to my work, upon entering I let out a discouraged sigh because the line was 15 people long (or more)…and all I wanted was a simple cup of coffee with steamed milk. My friend said I should order my drink through my phone and maybe it’ll be ready faster than going through the mazelike line full of customers. I placed my order – added a shot of espresso for my troubles (wink) – and then moved from the ordering line to the pick-up line. Looking through the glass divider I saw a TON of coffee cups of all sizes lined up for what looked like miles! I mean, there were a lot of cups.

In the end it still took 10 minutes before they got to my order and made my coffee…however, it was still faster than if I had waited in line to order. How do I know? The two policeman in front of me were still waiting for their drinks when I received the coveted callout, “Grande misto extra shot for MaryEllen!”.

My Morning Brew

Ahhhh, I can now finally start my day with my perfectly caffeinated beverage! So good. 🙂

Any other coffee drinkers out there enjoying their morning brew?

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