Don’t Break My Spine

Last night I was reading a small pocket-sized Star Trek book when I noticed the spine was getting a crease in it. I am not a fan of creases in my books and I tried to minimize the bend while reading the pages. This was kind of a hard task because the book is small and the wording on the pages almost reach the middle of the book; in order to read it, I had to bend the pages…a hard thing to do when one is trying to keep the spine of the book crease free. I’m not sure if I really succeeded in my task of keeping the spine unbent, but you bet I tried my best to keep any new creases from appearing!

bending bookI know I can’t be the only one who cringes when they see someone rough handling a book – such as creasing the spine or bending a page instead of using a bookmark. And although I try my best to keep my books looking like new, I am guilty of unintentionally bending a cover page here and there…I have even dropped food on a few books when I made the mistake of eating while reading (see, I’m a true reader who reads whenever time permits). Each time I’ve done this my poor heart almost exploded and I just had to sigh while I tried to fix the damage I created. So heartbreaking!

I have a few other “peeves” when it comes to books, but bending or spoiling pages ranks high on my list. What causes your heart to stop beating when something happens to a book you are reading?

Bent Spine

2 responses to “Don’t Break My Spine

  1. I hear ya! I cringe when I see the kids paperback textbooks lying open on the bed so that their place is not lost.Or, they are thrown amongst the crumpled blankets. Usually the corners of the covers get bent.

    Dog-earing the corners is cause for cringing as is folding a page in half to hold the spot (Don does the latter-ugh!)

    And make sure the table is clean before setting it down. Your hands too before handling. I have one book with finger grease marks!

    My utmost fear? Our kitty vomiting on a book. She’s come close, but so far she’s missed. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! I can’t believe Don folds the page in half – that would drive me bonkers! And I agree, clean hands when handling books is a must. Same with placing books on clean surfaces. I always check before I put a book down, mostly when I’m in public. No cats here, but I that would definitely be on my mind too. Glad to hear they avoided it thus far. 🙂

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