Coffee Time – Quiet Time Journal


This picture was taken back in 2006 (I think) when my sister came down to visit for a friend’s wedding. I love it when my sister and her family visit – wish we weren’t separated by distance, but I’m so glad we keep in touch.

My sister has been blogging about the new The Thinking Tree journals  she has been getting for herself and for her children. She has posted some informative reviews about the different The Thinking Tree books available and I wanted to share one with you all.

Since reading her reviews, I have been curious about them and I have even thought about buying one in the near future. As luck would have it, my sister sent me one, Coffee Time – Quiet Time Journal, for my birthday! Earlier in the week she had let me know she was sending me a birthday gift, but she didn’t say what it was so when I opened the box I was happy to see one of the journals inside (along with a very beautiful white snowman scarf). Of course one of the first things I did was flip through the pages and sniffed the wonderful scent of this new book – anyone else out there who loves to smell books? 😀

Coffee Time Journal-FrontThen after looking at some of the pages, I thought I would dig right in! My eagerness to delve into the beautiful artwork was short lived as I remembered I didn’t own one single crayon, marker, or coloring pencil!! I know, weird – I even live with an artist…I guess I need to go and buy some coloring utensils for both me and my husband.

Want to know more about The Thinking Tree journals? Please check out my sister’s blog about them (Homeschooling 6) or you can view her post about the journal she sent me for my birthday: Coffee Time – Quiet Time Journal

Coffee Time Journal-Back

After posting this, I found a hidden “Easter egg” on the back cover of the Coffee Time journal. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before! When I get a new book, I love to read the cover, the back, and the beginning pages (such as the dedication page or the foreward/introduction) in detail. Well, tonight I did just that and discovered that this Thinking Tree journal was ‘inspired by Linda Beltran’! So very cool! Can you find it? 😀

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