My Bible Collection Just Grew

Yesterday I was surprised to receive my free book from Zondervan. I had just ordered a copy about a week prior and I didn’t expect it to arrive so quickly. Nevertheless, I was happy to find the brown box when I checked the mail. 🙂

NIV Faith Bible-CoverBox

Since reading the Bible from front cover to back takes a long, long time (think Bible reading plans), I have decided to use this Bible alongside the book “God in the Manger”. I will also be taking it to church with me on Sundays. By using it while studying and when I’m at church, I feel I can get a true sense of what this Bible has to offer. I am looking forward to exploring the special features of this Bible, as well, and hope to “ground my beliefs in the truth of scripture”.

With this new addition to my collection, I now have about 14 Bibles (not an accurate count because I’m going off memory since most of the Bibles I own are in storage). Most of them are different NIV and NKJV translations that offer specialized articles on a certain subject such as leadership, witnessing, historical reference, etc.

As reported by American Bible Society, Americans own an average of 4.4 Bibles per household. Guess I’m a bit above the average. 😉

What is your current Bible count??

For more interesting facts about Americans and their Bibles, you can visit their website at

American Bible Society Research

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