A Package from my Sister

Family is the best! Not only do they love you unconditionally, they sure know how to make you really happy. On Saturday I received a package from my sister and when I opened it up, I discovered four books inside! She also attached a few post-it notes to them. Yes, it’s easy to make this girl smile. 🙂

In the Presence of My Enemies Ordinary People Extraordinary FaithThe first book I pulled out had this little note attached, “A few books I read & thought I’d pass on.” Following the message was a classic Cynthia smiley face and the books she was referring to were: In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham (with Dean Merrill) and Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith by Joni Eareckson Tada

When I read about each book, I knew I would enjoy both of them. I just wish I had time to read them now, but I’m already reading three books this month. These two will have to wait their turn and although I don’t know when I’ll get to them, I do know I’ll think about my sister when I read them.

Star Trek IIThe next book I pulled out was a Star Trek book! Again, my sister wrote a little note on it that read, “Found at Blue Train Books…thought of you!”   At first I thought it was a book based on one of the movies since it showed pictures from Star Trek II – however, as I began to read the words on the cover I became more excited about reading it because I discovered it was a “plot your own adventure story”!!! Oh my gosh, I love these types of books, but they’re always so hard to find…and what made this book even better was that this “choose your own adventure” book was about Star Trek! I didn’t even know they had these kind of books about Star Trek.  So very, very cool!

The last book in the box was titled, In the Footprints of Pioneers, by Barbara Wright Jones (with Pauline E. Spray). What made this book a treasure was the note my sister wrote telling me this book was about the grandparents of one of our dear friends. I think it’s going to be a blessing to read this book since it has that personal connection to people I know and care about. This is probably going to be the first book I read out of all of them since it’s about a family I grew up with.

In the Footprints of Pioneers

Thank you Cynce for thinking of me and sending me these four books. I can’t wait to read them all and review them here on my blog!

Me and my sister.  We may be separated by distance, but she's close to my heart!

Me and my sister. We may be separated by distance, but she’s close to my heart!

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