Read Me Again

On a recent visit to a forum there was a topic called “What are you reading?” and one of the answers was from someone who was reading a book for the 10th time. This made me wonder…how many of us read a book multiple times? It also made me think about my reading habits. As I thought about all the books I’ve read, how many of them have I read more than once? At first I thought I never read a book more than once, but then I remembered God in the Manger. This is a book I start reading right after Thanksgiving. The book is about Christmas and it’s a wonderful reminder about the true meaning of the holiday, which can get buried underneath the hustle and bustle of the season. Other than this book, I can’t think of any other that I have read multiple times.

My bookshelf of "need to read" books.  I have more books scattered around the house too.  I seem to buy books faster than I can read them!

My bookshelf of “need to read” books. I have more books scattered around the house too. I seem to buy books faster than I can read them!

My current reading trend is to read a book once and then reshelf it…never to read it again. Why? Well, for one, there are SO many books I want to read and there are more being written every day! It seems the number of books I want to read is a lot more than the time I have to read. This being the case, I feel like I don’t have the time to reread a book since there are many others waiting for my attention.


Another reason is the “surprise factor” of a novel. When I’m reading a book, part of the pleasure of reading is the anticipation of discovering what will happen in a given situation. Not knowing the ending or not learning about certain information until the author divulges it to the reader keeps me reading a book and if that aspect of the story is gone, I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy reading the book a second time.

Of course this doesn’t include books written for toddlers – I’ve read those little storybooks to children more times than I can count! Same with poetry; I can read poetry more than one time too.

Are you the same or can you reread a book multiple times?

2 responses to “Read Me Again

  1. I have the same habit as you for the same reasons. Although I have read a few books at least twice because I thought the kids would enjoy them, so I also read them aloud.

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