Visiting BAM!

While on a business trip to Daytona Beach, I was asked to accompany my boss to a Camping World store near Orlando. While driving down International Speedway I noticed the Volusia Mall…actually I noticed the Books-A-Million sign on the side of the Volusia Mall building. As we drove by I revealed my joy at seeing the bookstore and on the return trip from Orlando, my boss was nice enough to make a pit stop at the mall so I could visit this wonderful bookstore!

Books A Millions in FL

Books-A-Million (BAM!) in Daytona Beach, Florida.

I was first introduced to Books-A-Million back in 2003 when I was visiting my sister Cynthia in Georgia. Knowing my love for books (and she loves them too), Books-A-Million was one place she took me. And since I am also a fan of coffee, I was extra happy to see Books-A-Million had a coffee shop right inside! It was a fun day spent with my sister and from that day on every time I see a Books-A-Million, I am reminded of my sister and the fun we had visiting this bookstore.

Me and Cynce enjoying a cup of coffee at Joe Mugg's, the coffee shop attached to Books-A-Million.

Me and Cynce enjoying a cup of coffee at Joe Mugg’s, the coffee shop attached to Books-A-Million.

An Invisible ThreadOn this visit I found two books in the discounted area (my favorite area and the first place I go when visiting any bookstore). The first book, An Invisible Thread, caught my interest because it was an autobiography about a lady who struck a friendship with an eleven year old panhandler that lasted over thirty years.  Since the book is written about these two very different people, it made me want to learn more about them and how their paths crossed.

The Secret RoomsThe other book I found is also a true story.  It’s about the sealed room of the Duke of Rutland.  When he died in 1940, his son had the room sealed.  It was inaccessible for sixty years until Catherine Bailey, a historian, was allowed inside.  What she finds is a hidden mystery the ninth Duke did not want anyone to discover!

With these two books, I just don’t know which one I want to read first.  I know they both are going to keep me reading way past my bedtime. 😉  For now, I’m going to put them on the shelf with my other new books I bought last month at Barnes & Noble.  So many books…so little time!

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