Book Received: Andi Unstoppable

Andi Unstoppable by Amanda Flower arrived in the mail today! This is a review copy I requested last month from Harper Collins and the BookLook Bloggers Team. The story reminded me of a Nancy Drew mystery and since I am a fan of Nancy Drew, I thought I would give Andi Boggs a try. Plus, Amanda Flower is an Agatha Award nominated mystery writer which is an encouraging factor when looking for a well written book.

The story involves Andi and her best friend Colin. While bird watching, they stumble upon a mystery involving the ghost of Dominika Shalley! It’s up to Andi and her friends to solve this small town haunting, but can the legend of Dominika Shalley be true?

I’m looking forward to entering into this mystery alongside Andi and Colin. Mysteries are not my forte, but I’m hoping to brush up on my sleuthing skills while reading Andi Unstoppable. Wonder if I’ll be able to solve this mysterious haunting before the heroine of the story announces she’s solved the mystery of the ghost of Dominika Shalley!

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