Meet Me at Barnes and Noble

While waiting for a friend at Barnes and Noble, I decided to browse the science fiction aisles. Even though I was here a few days earlier (see my blog post “TV Shows and Related Books – Barnes & Noble Shop“), I found myself at the Star Trek “shelf”. Yes, I’m still a little disappointed there was only one shelf designated for all Star Trek books. After looking at the few books displayed, I rounded the corner to the next aisle. This section was full of fantasy and science fiction. My eyes looked at all the books lined up. I was a bit lost here because I normally don’t read science fiction/fantasy other than Star Trek and I don’t know of any authors in this genre. Instead of going by author, I had to go by book cover and title. If the title seemed interesting I pulled the book. If the cover was imaginative, I read the summary on the back of the book. Then if I liked what I read, the book was added to my “wish list”.

The Midnight Queen - Cover

While working through this process I came across “The Midnight Queen”. The interesting title made me pull the book out from among the rest. What I saw was a cover of blues and purples with white writing. The drawing of an owl on the top of the page drew my eye…who doesn’t like the mysteriousness of an owl? Reading the back, I thought the story sounded captivating. I love to read about magic and the trouble people can get into when practicing it in a school setting. A big plus about the book was the name of the college which was Merlin College. I took a picture of the front and the back for future reference and kept browsing the other books.

When my friend arrived, I showed her a picture of the books I thought I’d like to read. We then headed to the coffee area for a nice refreshing coffee – I had a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino, very delicious! With our coffee in hand, we headed to the DVD section. My friend said she loved to look at the movies. We both found a few we wanted to buy. Afterward I asked her if she had time to look through the markdowns. Luckily she did and we headed to the clearance area.

We looked through all the shelves before I came across a table of books. Scanning them I didn’t see any of interested and was about to walk away when I noticed there were a few books at the bottom of the table. And guess what I found? “The Midnight Queen” was there hidden between the table leg and another book! I picked it up and showed my friend while excitedly exclaiming, “Hey look! This is the book I wanted that I found upstairs and it’s marked down to $4.99!!”

TheMidnightQueen-backMy friend asked me what it was about and after giving her a brief rundown of “The Midnight Queen” she said, “Oh, it’s like Harry Potter.”

“Umm, no”, I said, “This book is for adults!”

I’m not sure if that’s a true statement or not since I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but I thought it was funny. After we both chuckled, I asked her if she’d like to read it with me. She agreed and we both bought a copy. To keep us both on the same page, we decided to meet on Monday evenings to discuss what we’ve read. I’m excited to have a partner in this book journey. I’ve never had a book buddy before, so this will be a new experience. I’m hoping she’ll enjoy it as much as me, although she did state she wasn’t much of a reader. Maybe having someone to read along with, she’ll find the joy in reading and become a book junkie like me! 😉

Maybe I’ll post about our little gatherings and the progress we make in this new adventure of ours. And if you have read this book, please feel free to voice your opinion on it. I’d love to have you as a virtual book buddy too!

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