Reading is for Everyone

As an avid reader and a person who loves to read, I am happy to bring awareness by sharing Grammarly’s infographic about global literacy.

One of my passions is to bring the fun of reading to children.  I know a lot of kids who think reading is boring and that perception is far from the truth.  Find a good book and you are instantly transported to another world.  Reading also develops empathy in children because they are reading about a character in a story and feeling the joy, pain, sorrow, and accomplishments of that character.  It opens up their imagination and their curiosity which enables them to aim high in life.

Don’t forget about all the knowledge books contain.  There is SO much information out there and it’s important that we all have access to it.  And one way of gaining access is to be able to read, so please, if you are a reader and want to share your joy in books then share the below infographic.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause!

If you would like to bring awareness to others, the HTML coding is provided below:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; width=”600″ alt=”Literacy Day” /></a>

Please be sure to attribute the infographic to

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