“It’s Just for a Season”

A little update on me and my reading/writing…

...In my case, it's "Closet cleaning month!" Boo!

…In my case, it’s “Closet cleaning month!” Boo!

For the past few weeks I have had very few opportunities to read. I miss it but life has gotten busy again, this time with home improvements. Nothing major…just organizing and expanding the closet space in our bedroom but boy, does that take a lot of sorting and organizing. It also makes you realize how much stuff accumulates throughout the years. And why is it when you clear out a closet, your whole house is affected by it? I have “things” piled up on the couch, the floor, and the piano that weren’t there before. It’s the little stuff that I need to go through such as old bills, letters, magazines, books, and mementos I wish to keep. What I thought would be a weekend’s worth of work ended up being an ongoing job of cleaning!

Working two jobs doesn’t help either because on the days I’m working both jobs, coming home to clean/sort/organize does not sound appealing at all. Instead, I end up watching a movie or taking a nap or running errands…I have to keep telling myself, “it’s just for a season”, so that I don’t become overwhelmed with the messiness. I know there is light at the end of this long, long tunnel! 😉

Not only has my reading been placed on hold, my review writing has suffered too. I finished reading The Auschwitz Escape back in April and I still haven’t written the review for it. Every weekend I tell myself to write it, but my mind rebels; it doesn’t want to put the time in. Writing a review takes me about an hour or two (sometimes longer) and the brain work involved for me to accomplish such a task hasn’t been there. My mind is too exhausted to create sentences at 10pm at night…I’m not pleased with it, yet for now the closet/house is trumping my reading and writing time.

I can’t wait until everything that is scatter about is back in place (wherever that may be). Until then, I am holding to my adage, “It’s just for a season”.

I'd rather be reading than cleaning...but life is hard and sometimes you just have to do what you don't want to. :(  Can't wait to get back to the norm where reading comes first, cleaning second! :D

I’d rather be reading than cleaning…can’t wait to get back to the norm where reading comes first, cleaning second! 😀

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