Writing Goals – Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!

Do you have the urge to write?  Is one of your goals to write a book?  I know my answer to both of these questions was a motivated “YES!”, but I wasn’t sure if my desire to write a book would ever materialize.  Why?  Because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I knew I had the passion to write and I knew I wanted to write a book; how that would happen, I had no idea.  Then one day I decided I wanted to write a children’s book.  However, I still didn’t know what I wanted to write about. I remembered that old adage, “Write about what you know”.  The problem was, I didn’t know much about anything.  I lived a simply life…work, sleep, family. Not much to tell there.

One day I realized I loved history – ancient history to be exact – and I thought, why not share my love of history with the audience I wanted to write to.  This was back in 2002 when every child could find a book about ancient Egypt or ancient Greece.  These were two of my favorite subjects, but I wanted to write about a civilization that was more obscure.  In order to find out who I wanted to write about, I had to explore more ancient civilizations.  I looked at the ancient histories of China, Mexico, the American Indians and I finally decided I was intrigued by the Maya civilization.  Yes, that would be my subject matter…now came the hard part.  What would I share about them?  I didn’t know anything about the ancient Maya.

So I did what any faithful writer does.  I studied and researched the history of the Maya people; their beliefs, their culture, and their civilization.  It took me over a year to learn what I needed to know about the Maya in order to write a story about them and in 2003 I began and finished my book.

A synopsis of my story can be found HERE.

Mukaan artwork by Robert Foster  ©2010

Mukaan artwork by Robert Foster ©2010

Sadly, that’s all I’ve accomplished since 2003.  I had the book edited and even submitted the story to a few publishers.  Nothing came of the effort.  Well, I did receive a few rejection slips.  Then life took over…I was laid off my job and my efforts were redirected to finding a new job to sustain me.  After finding a job, learning that new job took over my energy and time.  My freshly finished book took the back burner of life.

Although I feel I missed the Maya trend, which started with Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto and ended with the Maya calendar “end of the world” hype, I know the story I wrote has the potential to entertain the imagination of its readers.  I wrote it for a reason – to instill a desire within the young reader to explore the past.  History isn’t boring or dull.  It’s full of life, lessons, and hope for our future. It’s the reason I am going to refocus my energy this year.

Life will always be complicated.  It has the tendency to put speed bumps or even road blocks in your path to slow you down, but if your desire to succeed is greater than what life puts before you, you will be successful in your endeavors.  I think I’ve been distracted long enough…now it’s time to refocus my thoughts in order for me to obtain my goal.

If you have a dream, I encourage you to go after it.  It might take time for it to come to fruition and life may distract you from time to time, but never give up on your dream(s). You can do it!  I believe anyone can obtain what they desire – it just takes work, dedication, and more work (and more dedication).  What is it that you desire?

Maya Temple- Chichen Itza

Ancient Maya Temple – Chichen Itza

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