My Book Choices for May

I can’t believe it’s already May…the year is flying by! I’m not reading as much as I would like, but I am still finding time to pick up a book here and there. It seems the most convenient time for me to read is right before bed. I also try to read during my lunch break at work, which doesn’t allow me a lot of time to read, but I take what I can get. Together this allows me maybe an hour of reading per day. Not much time dedicated to reading, but the important thing is…I’m still reading! 😉

From my reading list for March/April, I have finished The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg. Added to my list for May is The Big Fisherman by Lloyd C. Douglas. This is a book I have wanted to read ever since I read (and loved) The Robe. The Robe has become one of my favorite books and I’m hoping The Big Fisherman will be just as good.

I purchased The Big Fisherman in Georgia when I was there visiting my sister Cynthia. It was a happy surprise when I found it on the shelf. I wasn’t looking for it specifically, just scanning the shelves to see if there were any books I might be interested in buying. When I came across it, it was like finding a treasure! I picked it up and checked the price – it was $6.95 and since I really, really wanted it I decided I could spend the money for it. My sister had other plans though and graciously bought the book for me (along with a few other books I had added to my “want” pile). Thanks Cynthia!

The Big Fisherman tells the story of Peter, a disciple of Christ, and brings the reader into the life of those who lived during the time of Jesus’ ministry. Although the story is about Peter, it also introduces the story of an Arabian couple. Since I haven’t read the book yet, I’m not sure how the two stories will intertwine with one another but from my previous experience with reading The Robe, I am confident the stories will blend well together.

It took me months to finish reading The Robe because of the way it’s written. The style of writing Douglas uses pertains to the era in which he is writing (late 1940’s), so the language used is more formal than the everyday writing used by authors today. Due to my previous experience, I’m pretty sure it will take me a few months to read through The Big Fisherman too. And it’s not only because of the way it is written, but also because the book is over 450 pages long.

Other than The Big Fisherman, I don’t think I’m going to add any other books for this month. (Which is almost half way through…did I mention how time is flying by?). I’ll continue to read Star Trek: From History’s Shadow. This is the book I tend to carry with me and read in small intervals; during my lunch or while waiting in line somewhere. These two books should keep my limited designated reading times full for the time being.

How about you? What book/books are on your reading list for this month?

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