My Wish was Granted!

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!


Last week I received an email from Paperback Swap – the email was titled “Your Wish Has Been Granted”.  My “Wish List” on Paperback Swap isn’t very long.  I think I have about 8 or 9 books on it.  I haven’t updated my “Wish List” lately either, so the books I have listed are ones I have requested over a year ago. (Yes, you have to be patient when using PBS.)  To receive this email, about a book I’ve been waiting to become available for over a year, was exciting news.  I quickly clicked on the email to see which book I was going to receive.  I was not disappointed when I read it was the trilogy series by Ted Dekker called “The Circle Trilogy”.  The Circle Trilogy includes three books: Black, Red, and White.

Since I am still reading the two books I began in March, I won’t be adding this book to my reading list for this month.  I will probably add it to my reading list for June or July.  There are still a few books ahead of this one that I want to read first.  And since the Trilogy includes three separate titles, it’ll most likely be the only book on my reading list when I do get to it.

From an interview with Ted Dekker (full interview can be read HERE):

Ted_DekkerFaithful Reader: Of all the many possibilities, what is the single most important concept you would like readers to take away from the Circle trilogy?

Ted Dekker: The Great Romance. We were created for intimate fellowship with our creator. In the end he will go to great extremes to woo us back into that relationship.

Sidenote: After searching the internet for the below quotes, I discovered there’s a FOURTH book in the series titled “Green” which is actually a prequel to the series.  Great (sigh), now I need to add this title to my PBS Wish List.  This is one reason I try to avoid books that are in a series…but I’ll post about that rant later.  😉

“Not only is it a gripping thriller and convincing fantasy; it is an awesome story that revolves around the powerful theme of redemption.”Brianna da Silva

“The story is riveting, very cinematic in the writing and pacing, and very well written.”James Case

“I just finished reading The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker for the second time. Why have I read it twice? Because it’s just that good.”Average Joe American

Anyone else out there a Ted Dekker fan?

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