Science Fiction by C.S. Lewis

During the year, as I look online or read other blogs with book reviews, I find tons of books I want to read. Sometimes I bookmark the page, or I take a picture of the cover, and then I tell myself I’ll either put the book on or check out to see if I can get the book at a low price.  Most times I forget…that is, until Christmas season.  My birthday is in December too, so it’s a major gift month.

When I receive my husband’s question, “What do you want for your birthday and Christmas?”, and it’s two weeks away from my birthday/Christmas, I begin to panic.  I know there are books I want…but under the pressure I just can’t remember the titles, authors, or even the subject matter.  And all those lovely pictures I saved are somehow buried in a thousand pictures I took throughout the year.  How about those bookmarks?  Well, seems when I think about making my birthday/Christmas list, I’m nowhere near my computer!  It’s quite the ordeal – really, it is!  I finally text him a title or two (literally) and shake my head at my poor book planning methods.

Well, this past December was the same hectic rush to send my birthday/Christmas list to my husband.  I couldn’t remember any of the books I had coveted throughout the year.  With only a little over a week away from the festivities, I finally remember a book series I’ve been wanting for quite a while.  I had to Google C.S. Lewis to find out the titles, and then I texted them to my dear husband.

When my birthday came, I happily unwrapped two of the books on my list.  Seems the third (which is actually second in the trilogy) wasn’t at the bookstore and had to be ordered.

The books I had asked for were:

  1. Out of the Silent Planet
  2. Perelandra
  3. That Hideous Strength
cs lewis-space trilogy

“Despite their obscurity, these three books, Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and That Hideous Strength, represent the height of Lewis’ skill in fiction.” – Relevant Magazine 

Has anyone else read these?

I’m a huge fan of Lewis’ Narnia series and I love science fiction, and when I discovered C.S. Lewis wrote a space trilogy I was very intrigued.  Reading about the subject matter made me even more curious about these books.

Here’s an article I found featured in Relevant Magazine that has more information about these three books:

I now have all the books in the trilogy and I’m ready to begin my space adventure…

As for this year, I have already taken a few pictures and I’ve “Pinterest” a few titles.  The question is – will I be rushing again come December, or will I have made a nice long list of books ready for my husband when he asks me for my birthday/Christmas list?  Time will tell.


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