Rasmus and the Vagabond

I came home on Thursday to find another book in the mail waiting for me – how extremely exciting! This brings my book count for March to four.  That’s a big number for me and I know I won’t be able to read all four books in one month; however, I am pretty confident that I can make it through the two books I agreed to review.  I’m on a mission and I’m ready to go!

Rasmus and the VagabondThe book that came in the mail was a book written by Astrid Lindgren titled Rasmus and the Vagabond.  Many may know the author from her very popular Pippi Longstocking books and this was one of the reasons why I chose to review Rasmus and the Vegabond.  I grew up watching Pippi Longstocking, and although I never read the books about the rambunkshus redhead, I loved the adventures I saw on television.  Knowing I liked this character created by Astrid Lindgren, I thought Rasmus might be another entertaining character I’d come to love too!

Rasmus is an orphan who has decided to run away from the orphanage that had taken him in.  As he faces a cold and unfriendly world, he finds a friend in a vagabond he meets on the road.  Together these two come across some unexpected adventures!  I’m not sure what these adventures are, but I can’t wait to read about them.

This weekend I have decided to dedicated a large part of it to reading.  Lucky for me reading is one of my favorite things to do!  I shall read one of my books whenever I get the chance…while waiting in line, on my work breaks, while eating, and before I go to bed…every free moment will be filled with reading.  Sounds like a fun weekend to this book lover!  With that being said, may you all have an enjoyable weekend full of the things you love…

Happy Reading!

Me_Rasmus and the Vagabond

So excited for this opportunity to read and review “Rasmus and the Vagabond”!!

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