What’s on My Reading List for March

To keep track of the books I’m reading, I’ve decided to write a monthly rundown of the titles I’m currently reading.  For the month of March I have two books on my “to read” list.  Even though I have them down for the month of March, it might take longer than a month to read them all (depending on my work and life schedule).  I’m not the fastest reader – I tend to read only a few pages a day, as time allows, and since I’m still working two jobs it might take longer to read through a book.

If the book is one I’m reviewing for a writer or publisher, it’ll take priority over the other books I’m reading, so my reading list might change from month to month depending on the commitments I have at the time.  I’ll indicate which books were bumped by placing them on a “hold” status which will remain in place until my book review assignment(s) have been completed.  This shouldn’t happen too often because I am limiting the number of professional reviews I do; they can become overwhelming if I don’t keep a tight rein on ‘em and I want to read more for pleasure than for work…although a lot of the books I chose to read for writers/publishers are books that I have an interest in.

With that being said, here is my reading list for March:

Star Trek: From History’s Shadow by Dayton Ward – I purchased this book at Barnes & Nobel last month. It was a Valentine’s gift from my husband.  I am a fan of the original Star Trek crew, so when I look for a book to read about Star Trek, I usually look for a story about the original cast. Star Trek-From Historys Shadow-Book Cover

From History’s Shadow caught my eye because it brought back some of my favorite characters from the series – Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln.  I loved the episode where the Enterprise traveled back to the 20th century.  It is upon the Enterprise’s departure from the year 1968 that they unknowingly transport two aliens back with them.  This connects the past with the present, and Captain Kirk finds himself trying to stop an alien infiltration that began as early as the 1940’s.  An alien race whose mission is to destroy the planet we call home, Earth.

When I heard the news about Leonard Nimoy’s passing, it made my decision to read this book a more personal one.  Knowing the story would of course involve Spock, to read about him would inevitably stir up emotions about Leonard Nimoy.  He made a great contribution to science fiction when he accepted the role of Mr. Spock.  His performance shaped the alien race we have come to love and admire.  Many have spoken the phrase “Live Long and Prosper”, and a big THANK YOU needs to be given to Spock and to Leonard Nimoy.  The actor will be missed, but the character will live on.

I look forward to reading Star Trek: From History’s Shadow.  I can already tell, from reading the first few chapters, that it’s going to be a fun adventure involving the much-loved crew of the Enterprise.

The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg – This was a book I purchased in January at the Family Christian Bookstore.  It was on sale for 50% off, and I couldn’t resist such a deal.  Plus the story captured my interest.

theauschwitzescapeThe Auschwitz Escape brings us back to the time of the Nazi war.  The main character is a pastor by the name of Jean-Luc Leclerc who finds himself helping the Jews find their freedom from the Nazi invasion.  His involvement in assisting Jews ultimately results in his imprisonment.  During this capture, he meets a young man by the name of Jacob Weisz, and together they dare to plot a risky escape from Auschwitz, in order to share the truth about the Fascism movement spreading through Germany.

I was drawn to The Auschwitz Escape because of the time period it involved.  This is another book I am excited to read, but it is almost 500 pages, so I am a bit intimidated by the length of it.  I don’t know if I’ll have the time to read all of it in one month. I’ll do my best though.

So, that’s my list for the month; however, I’m also expecting two books to arrive from Publishers.  This will bring my reading list to four books.  When the two additional books are received, I will share them with you.  Until then, I’ll happily read Star Trek: From History’s Shadow and The Auschwitz Escape.

If you have read any of the books I’ve mentioned, please feel free to share your thoughts about them by commenting on this post.  Of course, no spoilers!  I want to discover those on my own. 😀

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