A Valentine’s to Remember!

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Are books considered the language of love?  For me they are.  That is why on Valentine’s Day my husband and I spent part of our day at Barnes & Noble.  We love to stop at the coffee shop, order an invigorating caffeinated drink, and then browse the aisles and aisles of books.  Some of our favorite stops are the bargain books, the children’s section (as an artist, my husband likes to view the artwork in children’s books), Science Fiction, and sometimes we visit the DVD area.

Star Trek-From Historys Shadow-Book CoverOn Valentine’s Day we maneuvered through our usual route, but on this day we allowed ourselves to buy a book for each other.  This is something we normally don’t do because, for us, the prices are high and we are usually on a budget.  Since this was a special occasion, I chose as my gift a Star Trek book titled “From History’s Shadow”.  I was actually surprised to find a very slim selection of Star Trek books. There were only two shelves designated for Star Trek and these two shelves had to fit books from all the TV series…and with five different series, that’s really not a lot of space.  On this visit, I was lucky enough to find a story about the original Star Trek crew that interested me.  I looked at the cover, read the back, and then proceeded to read a few paragraphs.  Yes, this was the one!

Planet Simpson-Book CoverMy husband found a book too.  I was kind of surprised to see him select a book with no pictures in it.  I don’t mean to sound condescending, but my husband isn’t really a reader.  Being artistic himself, he normally buys books based on the artwork or pictures inside, so when he picked up a book called “Planet Simpson”, I was just a little bit thrown off.  On the other hand, the subject matter was classic Bobby – The Simpsons.  I’m not a huge Simpson’s fan, in fact, I don’t like watching The Simpsons, but I know my husband enjoys watching the older episodes.

We were both thrilled with our finds, and with our treasures in hand, we happily walked out of the store with our Valentine purchases.

Who needs chocolate and flowers?  I just need a good book, a warm cup of coffee, and a thoughtful husband who enjoys spending his time with me.  It wasn’t a high profiled celebration, instead it was the perfect date designed around our interests and that made it a great Valentine’s Day.  Oh, and I did receive chocolate too…it’s the perfect snack to delight in while curled up on the couch with my Star Trek book! 😉

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