Introduction to My Review of Redeeming Love

I had the privilege of working with a beautiful Christian lady, Casey, who enjoyed reading as much as I did and we would talk about the books we have read and enjoyed.  On one of those occasions, Casey suggested I read a novel written by one of her favorite authors, Francine Rivers.  The title she suggested was, “Redeeming Love”, a love story about a prostitute that mirrored the love story told in the Bible.  I took her suggestion and filed it for later, not really thinking I would read the book.  Why?  Well, I’m not much for romances…never really was into this genre of writing.

Francine-Rivers-Redeeming-Love-JacketSeveral years passed and, in the book community, the 20th anniversary for Francine River’s book was approaching.  There was a lot of hype about the book and how it changed the lives of those who read it.  This triggered my interest a little more, but I was still hesitant to buy and read it.

A few more years went by, and one day I decided to have lunch at Wendy’s.  Waiting in line, I noticed a woman holding a book that looked familiar.  I tried to read the title, but it was covered by her hand.  Wanting to know what she was reading, I asked her about the book she was holding.  She happily replied, “I’m reading Redeeming Love”, and she continued to tell me how much she is enjoyed reading the story of Angel (the main character of the novel).  After hearing her praise for the book, I finally made the decision to read this book I’ve heard so much about.  That same day I logged onto my Paperback Swap account and put the book on my Wish List; the list of eager recipients was long, and I knew my wish was going to take some time before it was “granted”.

More months pass until I received an email from Paperback Swap declaring my “wish has been granted”!  I clicked on the button to accept the book and then anxiously awaited the arrival of “Redeeming Love” via US Postal Service.

Can you believe it took me almost ten years from the time Casey suggested it, until the time it arrived at my door?  I’d like to say I read the book as soon as it arrived, but I didn’t.  It took another four months before I picked it up and began to read the story.

My review for Redeeming Love is coming soon.  I hope you check back to read it.  You might just find another book to put on your “reading list”…and hopefully it won’t take you ten years to buy and read it! 😉

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