September’s Reading List

I’m posting on the last day of August because, as any good Blogger knows, there should always be something current on your website…and my last post was over a month ago.  Yes, over a month ago!

Summer is always a busy time of year and this year, due to many personal reasons, I decided to take a hiatus from blogging.  My original plan was to take the month of July off, but somehow the month of August joined in on the break.  Guess rest can be addicting, LOL.  Not only did I take a break from writing, I also took a break from reading *gasp*!  I know, very weird, but now that it’s almost September, I am gearing back up and getting ready to do some reading…which brings me to this blog post – sharing with you what’s on my reading agenda for September.  Hopefully, along with reading these books, I will be able to post a review or two (crosses fingers).

The Hiding Place-Small Soul Recovery-Small Understanding Jesus-Small

1.  The Hiding Place by David Bell – I really didn’t plan on reading this one so soon, but it became available on Paperback Swap and I had to accept it or else lose my chance of owning it.  Of course once it arrived in the mail, well, I just had to read the back cover…which led to reading the prologue.  Bet you know what I did next.  Now I am more than half way through and enjoying it tremendously.  Hopefully it continues and ends in a positive light.

2.  Soul Recovery by Ester Nicholson – This book is one I’m reviewing for the PR company that is promoting Ester Nicholson’s book.  I’ve just begun this one, but I am expecting to finish it in about a week or two so that I can review it in September.

3.  Understanding Jesus by Joe Amaral – I found this book on the clearance shelf at my local Christian bookstore and since it was only $3.97 I decided to buy it in order to read it at a later date, but then (and yet again) I decided to read the dust jacket.  The book explores the Jewish traditions and customs that were significant during the time of Jesus’ ministry.  Being a huge fan of historical topics and since I am a Christian who loves to learn more about the Bible, I decided I would read it now instead of waiting until later; which is probably a good thing since I tend to buy books and then leave them on my bookshelves for years on end before finally picking them up to read.  So far, and I’m on page 50, I am really finding Understanding Jesus enlightening and interesting.

4.  The Pastor’s Wife by Sabina Wurmbrand – This is another book I received through Paperback Swap.  I actually learned about this book by reading a newsletter I receive called Voice of the Martyrs.  When I read about it in the newsletter, I immediately went to Paperback Swap and put the book on my Wish List.  I can’t wait to begin reading about Sabina and her struggles to preach God’s word to the Soviet Union during the late 1940’s.  I expect to be blessed by her encouraging story of survival as she and her husband put their trust in God while they continued to minister to those in need.

5.  Patriote Peril by Thomas Thorpe – I bought this book at Barnes and Noble, and I paid full price for this book (which is very, very rare for me) because I bought it from Thomas Thorpe while he was promoting his book there.  He had several books he had written displayed on the author’s table and as I read the synopsis of each book, Patriote Peril stood out the most to me.  I’ve read a few chapters so far, but haven’t really gotten into the story.  It’s my hope that as I continue to read, the story will develop more and pique my interest.

6.  Hello to the Cannibals by Richard Bausch – A 661 page book.  I pulled this one off my shelf where it had been sitting for quite a long time.  I don’t know if was the size of the book that kept it on the shelf, or if…well, yes I think it was the size of the book.  I finally mustered enough courage to pull the book off the shelf and to begin reading it.  The story itself – about a young lady who,  intrigued by an adventurous female explorer from the 1900’s, decides to write a screenplay of this explorer’s life – is one I know will be fun for me to read since it touches both the past and the present.  Don’t know yet how the writing style is, but I’m hoping the story will smoothly unwind as it tells the tale of both young ladies.

Pastor's Wife-Small Patriote Peril-small Hello to the Cannibals-small
Oh my, putting these books in list form makes me think I might be just a little bit too ambitious in my reading goals for September!  Maybe I’m having reading withdrawals from taking so much time off.  I just need to remember that I’m reading because I enjoy it…and if I can’t get through all these titles in September, then I’ll just have to roll some of them over to October.  Either way, I am ready to get back into reading and blogging!

Ready, set…read! 😉

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