Review: Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse

mystery at the haunted warehouse-frontMystery at the Haunted Warehouse
by Matthew Berger
Illustrated by Pete Scalzitti and Eryck Tait

It’s an honor when I am contacted to read a book for an author or publisher and this time I was extra excited by the prospect of reading Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse because this was a “choose your own adventure” book!  I love these types of books, but finding them can be quite a challenge.  This is why I gladly accepted the chance to read and review Matthew Berger’s book, Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse.  Plus, the title itself was intriguing…and the choices were up to me – would I find that happy ending, or would I regret the choice(s) I made?

Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse brings you into the adventure by making you the manager of an up and coming band named Teen Girl Scientist Monthly.  Managing a young band like this is no easy task!  Mostly when it involves the different personalities of the band members; Berger, Gliva, Morgan, Melissa, Matsu, and even a synth-playing hound dog named Pete.  Things become even more complicated when a suspicious gig is offered to the band.  Are you willing to accept this gig invitation?  It’s this first choice that starts the adventure.  And the decisions you make throughout the book determine where the story leads.  You could end up reaping wonderful rewards…or regretting the decisions you made.

Making decisions while reading the book about Teen Girl Scientist Monthly (TGSM) was fun!  Whenever I found myself confronted with an option in the story, I wanted to make the conservative choice, like I would normally do in real life.  BUT since this was an adventure book and to keep the story more interesting, I held myself in check and made bolder decisions.  This allowed me to experience some very strange yet attention-grabbing stories that involved some unique characters.  I was so adventurous during my first read through that I died, sad but true.

mystery at the haunted warehouse-backThe “choose your own adventure” aspect of the story enhanced the appeal of the book because it allowed the reader to engage in different circumstances; example, in one story I died but the second time I read through the book I was rewarded with the ultimate prize – the unique code allowing me to download three songs from TGSM.  Since Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse grants the reader the option of choosing what to do, I happily read the book a total of six times and each time I made different choices which opened up different adventures available in the book.  Each one of these adventures was totally different than the previous one and this made the book exciting to read over and over again.  After reading the book six times I am still planning to read it again.  I’ve heard there is a wizard in the story and I am anxious to meet him.  Maybe my seventh read through will provide that.

Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse is the first book in the “choose your own adventure” series written by Matthew Berger and I think he did a fine job.  His writing style was easy to read and to follow, plus his imagination created a variety of adventures and endings within this 88 page book.  Then there were the illustrations drawn by Pete Scalzitti and Eryck Tait.  Although the pictures seen throughout the book were done as black and white sketches they helped bring the reader into the story while providing a nice visual as well.

And then there is the music.  Part of what made the adventure so desirable is the music you get to download from TGSM.  When you find the right ending, you are rewarded with a code and an URL where you can redeem the code and download the songs.  Once I found the right ending where the code was provided, I went online and did just that.  I’ve never heard of TGSM before but was curious to hear their music.  I know people can be picky about the music they listen to or the genre of music they like, so this review will not include a critique of the music; however, I was satisfied with the downloads and will be listening to them again.

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is a 6-piece rock group from Brooklyn. They sound like Ra Ra Riot and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah making out in the bathroom.

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is a 6-piece rock group from Brooklyn. They sound like Ra Ra Riot and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah making out in the bathroom.

Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse will appeal to the fans of Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, but if you are unfamiliar with them that’s okay.  The story is interesting enough for those who, like me, didn’t know about TGSM.  It’s also a book for those who like the choose your own adventure theme options.  Since the book is only 88 pages and interactive, it might even engage the young non-reader.  I’d put the age range for this book around 8-14 years.  The story is fun yet simple enough for this age group, but that doesn’t mean an older reader wouldn’t have fun picking their own adventure and ending!

This book is one I’m going to keep in my library, and I’m sure I will pick it up again.  I still have eight possible ending combinations to discover!  I might even set the mood by playing the songs I downloaded from TGSM while reading Mystery at the Haunted Warehouse!



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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