More Books? Yes, Please!

For the book lover in me, the happiest time of the year arrived on Saturday – the annual library book sale!  Lots of books at ridiculously low prices…equals a very happy reader like me, and this year didn’t disappoint me one bit.  There were plenty of books available, in a variety of topics to choose from including my favorite genres: children’s books, fiction, and classics.

The morning of the sale was gray and misty but that didn’t stop me, or the many others who ventured out to Port Hueneme at 10am in the morning, from finding that one or two (or thirteen) treasures hidden in the piles of books displayed on tables and in boxes underneath.  The drizzle was pretty thick and they had a few volunteers wiping down covers to keep the dew from collecting on the books.

My first stop, after getting coffee (of course!), was the children’s book table.  It’s always fun trying to find old titles I’ve read when I was a child – brings back such memories!  However, this trip I didn’t discover any books on this table worth buying which was kind of disappointing, but that didn’t discourage me from venturing to the next table full of fiction titles.  Here I was rewarded with finding “The Book Thief” which I have been wanting to read for awhile.  And the price was a mere 50 cents!

Over the span of an hour and a half, Bobby (my fiancé) and I found a total of 30 books!  On my side, I found a total of 13 books, 4 magazines, and 1 DVD.  A nice pile of books (and more) for just $9.25!  Very nice!  And Bobby’s bundle of books was about the same.  What a major score for both of us! :^)

Here is a list of titles of the books I purchased:LBSB Stack 4.13.13

1.  Robinson Crusoe by Defoe
2.  The Spy by James Fenimore Cooper
3.  Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
4.  Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
5.  The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
6.  The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
7.  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards
8.  The Trials of Maria Barbella by Idanna Pucci
9.  Cross by James Patterson
10.  The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
11.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
12.  Tales from the Arabian Nights a Reader’s Digest book
13.  Visiting our Past America’s Historylands a National Geographic Society book

I’m excited about all the books I bought this year!  The hard part is going to be reading them all – I still have a few books from last year’s sale that I haven’t read yet.  Oh the joys of being a book lover; buying more books than I really have time to read!  But I am looking forward to the challenge of getting to them all and being able to read and review them.

Feel free to let me know if you’ve read any of the books on my list.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you thought about any of the books listed here; did you like it, dislike it, or were you indecisive?  Maybe you have an opinion on which book I should read first.  I’m leaning towards The Book Thief, but I’m willing to take your recommendations.

Overall, I came home happy with the books I found, and that makes it one successful book sale!  Thank you Ray D. Prueter Library for putting on this annual event; my shelves are happier because of them!

Library Book Sale Bundle 4.13.13

4 responses to “More Books? Yes, Please!

  1. Wow, what a great list of books! I’ve read Robinson Crusoe. I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂 I thought it was going to be like The Swiss Family Robinson, but it was nothing like that. It had a slow beginning, but did get interesting and more engaging once he got on the island. It is our next read aloud starting Tuesday…er maybe after we solve our mystery, Nancy Drew. 😉 Whenever we do Nancy Drew, it takes the place of our read alouds. Luckily it is only two a year.

    Books 3, 11, and 12 are on the kids’ booklist to be read in a few years. We have the Yearling too, but haven’t read it yet. I got the movie, but have been waiting to read the book first. So many books, so little time. Sigh

    MaryEllen is finishing the Narnia series. She has enjoyed it. I will have to blog on some of her centaurs (half man/half horse ?) that she drew. She wishes they continued making the movies although she noticed the differences between the books and the movies and prefers the books. She is reading them in your recommended order.

    Visiting our past sounds like a good and interesting book, one that I would pick up…heck, I would pick up all that you have. 🙂

    I am going to keep my eye open for library sales in my area. I haven’t been to one in about 4-5 years!!! Sounds like too much fun.

  2. I have read (a long time ago) #1, 4, 5 & 12. If I remember correctly they were all pretty good especailly the one I really enjoyed was Arabian Nights. I thought that was exciting (well remember I was a teenager when I read this one). You know what I think I might pick this one up again and read it again. May be interesting to see if my taste have change. Anyhoot I think you are going to enjoy these books. My dad is a big James Patterson fan and he pretty much loves all of his stuff. Happy reading.

  3. Hi Cynthia – yes, I’m excited about all the books I found at the sale. I’ve never read any of the above books so it’s neat to see that a few of them are on the kids reading list. And thanks for the heads up on the Yearling book – I didn’t know there was a movie based on this book and it’ll be fun to see the movie after I’ve read the story. I love to see how the movie differs from the book.

    Hi Cassie, it was SO much fun scanning all the books they had for sale. If I could, I would of bought more, but space is an issue. 😉

    Hi Stephanie, I’m excited about the Arabian Nights book too. I’ve never read it before but the cover and pictures inside look interesting. You should read it again…I’ve done that with a few books that I really really liked when I was younger and reading them again brought back wonderful memories.

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