New Book at Full Price!

For those people who know me, they know I do not buy books at retail price.  I just can’t see paying full price for a book even though I am an avid reader.  So why did I exactly pay full price for this book?  It happened like this…

My fiancé and I decided to go to Barnes & Noble because he wanted to buy the movie Taken, and we had a gift card for Barnes & Nobel.  As we entered the store, I noticed an author’s table was set up.  A nice older gentleman was sitting at the table with his books propped up, and he was asking passersby if they were interested in mysteries, tales of conspiracy, and as he asked these questions, these people just passed him by or gave a quick “no” and kept walking.

I’m a writer.  I have written a children’s book, and although I haven’t published it yet, I know that if I was sitting at a table in a bookstore (where readers come) I’d want people to stop by, ask questions about my book, take a peek at the pages or read the back cover, and potentially buy it.  So I decided I’d support this author in his cause to sell his book!

Signed Patriote PerilOnward I went, right up to his table and asked him about the stories he took the time and effort to write, and yes, I purchased one…at full price, because I support authors who are working hard to promote their novels.  He signed it and told me he hoped I enjoyed reading his book.  I thanked him, and walked away.

Then I showed my fiancé the book and said I was going to read it, then blog about it. Once I shared this with my fiancé, he said, “Do you want me to take a picture of you with him?”

Oh what a good idea!  So we walked back up to the author’s table, told him I was a blogger who wrote book reviews and was planning to review his book once I’ve read it, and if I could possible take a picture with him for my blog.  He gladly (I think he was glad) accepted.

Thomas Thorpe has written a series of Darmon mysteries; each one is set in the 1830s and takes place in a different part of the world.

Thomas Thorpe has written a series of Darmon mysteries; each one is set in the 1830s and takes place in a different part of the world.

Now I’m the new owner of a book titled, Patriote Peril by Thomas Thorpe.  And who knows, my full price book I bought could be a jewel I’ve just discovered.  If it is, luckily for me, Thomas Thorpe has written 5 other stories focused around the main characters, the Darmons.

Of course I’m excited to read this book and to see if I’ll be reading more of the Darmon mysteries.  Be sure to check back to read my review on Patriote Peril and to see if it was worth paying the full price or if my good deed was just that, a good deed.

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