Review: The Whispering Road

The Whispering Road
by Livi Michael

When looking for an interesting children’s book, I found the cover art on The Whispering Road very enticing.  Then after reading the synopsis of the story, I was even more intrigued and so I purchased the book.  It took me a few months from the time I purchased it until the time I began to read it.  Having so many good books waiting to be read, this book had to wait its turn.  Luckily for me I didn’t wait too long to pick it up.  And I’m excited to share my thoughts on this magically enchanting tale.

This is the US cover and the cover of the book I own.

The Whispering Road by author Livi Michael will, with no doubt, open up a whole new world for the reader.  The two main characters, Joe and his sister Annie, are orphaned children who have escaped an intolerable living situation; a place where they were underfed and overworked.  Once they are free, Joe decides the best place for them to hide is in the big city of Manchester.  Annie’s hope is to find their mother there, but Joe is doubtful and just wants to escape the brutal existence of the orphanage life.  Ultimately their journey to the big city is full of adventure as they meet some interesting characters along the way.  Due to Annie’s ability to contact spirits of those who have passed, she is left behind by Joe who thinks the traveling fair is a better place for her.  Thinking she’ll be taken care of by the people in the fair, he trots off alone to the city.  He soon discovers his life isn’t any easier there, but he manages to make a few friendships.  Time passes and his mind begins to think of Annie.  He feels bad about leaving her and makes the decision to correct his mistake – but is it too late?  Life doesn’t always turn out as you’ve planned, and Joe and Annie find this hard lesson out as they travel their whispering road.

Once I began to read this book I was enveloped in it.  The story was fun, adventurous, and had some interesting characters, all of which kept me reading from page to page.  Because the children were traveling to the city, there was plenty of different places mentioned and that helped to keep the story flowing.  The two main characters, Joe and Annie, were believable and the differences between them gave a good balance to the story.  I was totally cheering them on as they came across one obstacle after another.

And this is the UK version. Although the changes are subtle, which one grabs your interest more?

Although I read The Whispering Road a few months ago, I don’t remember any areas of the book that concerned me such as language, sexual content, or gory details.   However, there were a few parts in the story where Annie channeled the dead spirits – a child, for instance – of those she met on her journey to the city.  Even though these encounters were mentioned in the book, I wouldn’t categorize this book as a horror novel or a supernatural one.  The channeling incidents were brief and not at all scary.

Now, who would enjoy reading The Whispering Road?  Those who like adventure will like this book and the way it is written, with numerous scenes and characters to keep the reader engaged and the story moving.  Those who like Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn will also find this book interesting; mostly when Joe makes it the big city and has to join a kid’s gang to survive the streets of Manchester.  Then there are those who might like to pick this book up because of the magical aspect that is interwoven within the story.  Overall, I think this book will resonate with a lot of different types of reader.  As for age, I think thirteen years and older will be able to read, understand, and take pleasure in Joe and Annie’s adventure.

Get ready to open that mind of yours as The Whispering Road will certainly get your imagination flowing!

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