How Do You Manage All Those Books?

I recently asked a question on Facebook, “How many books do you have stacked by your bed?” and was surprised when people answered because all of the responders were reading more than one book at a time; actually they were reading more than two or three books at once.  Some were even reading books in the double digits!  As for me, I tend to read multiple books at a time too, but I usually will not exceed 4-5 books at one time.  Normally I have different books for different times of the day…and this made me think, “Do other people separate their reading time?”

Here is how I choose what book to read and when:

  • I have a “book for work”.  I take out this book and read it every day during my lunch hour.  This is a book that will take me a few weeks or even a month to read since I am only reading it when I’m at work (between 30-40 minutes a day).
  • I have a “book for waiting periods”.  This is the book I carry with me at all times.  I try to choose a nice small book – like a pocket book, but sometimes it’s a large hardback.  I take this book out and read it whenever I am waiting.  Such occasions include: doctor appointments, car washes, bus stops, etc.  Again, since this book is only taken out when I am waiting for something, it takes me awhile to read.
  • I have several “before bedtime” books.  Yip, I have several of these sitting by my bed.  Which one I choose depends on what mood I’m in or else it depends on the book.  Sometimes I’ll reach for the same book night after night because it’s so interesting I want to find out what happens.  Other times I alternate between the books, a different one each night.
  • I have between two to three books I consider my “job books”.  My job books are the books I receive free from the publisher for reviewing them.  I am a regular reviewer for three publishers and this means I normally have at least two or three books at a time that I need to read.  Since I am getting these free for my reviews, I try to read them quickly.  My goal is to read these and to review them within a month of receiving them; this means I occasionally have to trump one of my other books (my book for work, or my before bedtime book) in order to get these read in time.  Otherwise, this is the book I read on weekends, or whenever I have extra time in the day.

I’d love to hear about your reading habits.  It’s always fun to see how other readers manage their huge read piles.

How about you?  Do you read multiple books at once and if so, do you put them into categories?

These titles are from my “Job Books”.

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