Review: Little Suzy’s Six Birthdays

Little Suzy’s Six Birthdays
by: Elizabeth Prentiss

Modernized by: Rebecca Perkins
Illustrated by: Casey Cabuco

I love when authors ask me to review their books, and I was more than happy when Rebecca Perkins approached me about reviewing “Little Suzy’s Six Birthdays“, a book she modernized for today’s readers.  When speaking with Rebecca, she shared her love of Elizabeth Prentiss’ stories and her desire to modernize them for this generation, so that the children of today could hear these wonderful stories and better relate to them.  Rebecca emphasized that she didn’t want to rewrite the story, but just update it with today’s terms; such as changing a butler (which few of us have these days) into a family member.

Little Suzy’s Six Birthdays takes the reader on a six year journey into little Suzy’s life.  Each year as Suzy grows another year older, she begins to understand what a birthday is and why her family celebrates this special day with her.  As each year passes, she encounters different situations in which she learns more about God’s love for her and her family.

Elizabeth Prentiss

Of course I read this book quickly; all 90 pages of the story.  Written for the younger audience, children between the ages of 2-7, the story was easy to read and understand.  I loved the character of Suzy and enjoyed reading about all of her six birthdays.  Each year was another fun experience for the reader as they shared Suzy’s birthday with her; an invisible participant in all her birthday adventures!

The modernizations made to the story were smoothly interjected within the book and were not jarringly noticeable.  Having only read this adaptation, I cannot compare the differences between the 1850 version to this one, but I can say that the updates to this version were well placed and didn’t distract from the story.  This modernized version actually made me more curious about the original story by Prentiss, and I just might read the original to see where the changes were made.  🙂

I’d recommend this book to any parent who has children between the ages of two and seven years.  Reading about Suzy’s birthdays will bring new awareness to the young listener and maybe even give the reader an idea or two about what they can do to help make each birthday memorable (like the kisses mentioned in the book).  Of course this book isn’t only for parents; I’m sure Aunts and Uncles, and Grandmas and Grandpas, would also love this story.  Or if you have a friend who is expecting, why not add this little treasure to their baby shower gift?

Overall, I am thankful for Rebecca and her modernization of this story because without her hard work, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting Little Suzy.

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