Have You Ever Done This?

Last night I decided to add a book to my current reading pile.  I just finished reading “The Fourth Fisherman” and needed another book to take its place.  The book of choice was a title by Martha Grimes, “Biting the Moon”.  I climbed onto my bed and found a comfortable position, then opened the book and began to read.  After a page or two I began to feel like I’ve read this book before…but I wasn’t sure because nothing solid came to me about this story, so I continued to read.  I was another few pages into the book when again that feeling of familiarity, this time a little stronger, came over me.  I paused, re-read the cover flap, and thought, “Have I read this before?”  Although the scenes unfolding before me were somewhat familiar, I couldn’t pin point any further events, or even come close to guessing the story’s ending, which made me doubt if I actually read it before.

The mystery was solved when I decided to flip through the book to see if anything else within its pages would jump out at me.  That’s when I found it…a receipt.  You see, I frequently use receipts to mark my place in a book, and that is what this was – my bookmarker!  I sighed deeply and chuckled a bit at the discovery.  Then I pondered; why did I stop reading it?  What happened that this book ended up back on my shelf?  From the receipt date, I began the book back in 2010.  Wow, that was two years ago…(and I didn’t exactly get very far into the story; my marker was at page 21.)

Not sure how this book made it from my read pile two years ago back to my bookshelf, without me completely reading it through.  Guess that mystery will never be solved (because my brain has seen to it that all files pertaining to this mystery have either been deleted or sealed until further notice), so here I am beginning again a book I once started.  Now the question on my mind is:

 “Am I the only one who does this, or are there other readers out there who have found themselves in a similar spot as me?  Have you ever picked up a book and began to read it, only to discover you’ve read it before?”

6 responses to “Have You Ever Done This?

  1. I’ve never quite had this experience, but I have stopped in the middle of a book intentionally and put it away to make another attempt at it later on. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s just not the right time for me and a book to make a connection. Sometimes I start a book I really want to read and just can’t make myself get into it. Often if I read some other books then go back a few months later and try the original book again, I love it. I like to think that just like people, books have good days and bad days, and occasionally we catch them on bad days.

    • True. I have a few books that I have started but never finished because I couldn’t get into the story…maybe I should revisit them to see if they’ll interest me now. Great advice. 🙂

    • *light bulb* Oh yeah! I think you might be right. I was moving during that time. Thank you for reminding me. Guess the mystery is solved! 😉

  2. Even worse, I’ve re-bought books forgetting I already owned/read them. It’s why I finally had to catalog stuff. Couldn’t keep track of have/need read/unread. Yeah for goodreads, my savior.

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