I’ve Been Nominated for an Illuminating Blogger Award!

It’s always exciting when your blog is recognized for an award, after all, it’s hard work to keep a blog active and interesting while attracting followers.  That is why Food Stories brought a smile to my face when they nominated Portrait’s of M.E. for an Illuminating Blogger Award!  Thank you Food Stories for stopping by and for visiting my blog. 😀

Part of being recognized is for me to share a random thing about myself…hmmm, well…geez thinking of a random thought is kind of hard.  The only thing that comes to mind is that I love coffee!  It’s actually a motivator for me.  When I have to do something that isn’t really fun for me, I go to Starbucks or another local coffee shop first.  After buying a yummy hot (or cold) latte that chore becomes a “fun” event for me!  It’s true – coffee is a good thing!

Now I’d like to recognize a few blogs that have really lighted up my life and which have written and shared some illuminating posts:

  1. Cynce’s Place I’m a frequent visitor to this site because Cynthia always has great information to share when it comes to homeschooling.  Plus, her posts are very interesting to read and I enjoy my time reading about her home.
  2. Training 6 Hearts 4 Him When Linda takes a day off (which is rare) from blogging about her day, I swear I get withdrawals!  She has a great gift to share her everyday life in an exciting and fun way that brings me back to her blog day after day.
  3. One Day at a TimeCasey’s blog has a warm feel to it and whenever I visit, I feel like I’m visiting a friend (which I am)! 😀  Her love for photography and the photos she shares are inspiring!
  4. My Life. One Story at a Time. – Donna’s blog is so full of information; from book reviews, to information about an author.  Whenever I visit her site I am motivated to read and write.  A great place to find that next wonderful novel or learn more about a favorite author.
  5. Bookhounds – Bookhounds is another great blog for those who love to read.  Mary has reviewed many books and has done a wonderful job sharing her thought’s about each book she has read.  I come here often to read her reviews.

Every blog here has made a difference to me, in different ways, and I’m glad I’m able to share with them this award!

3 responses to “I’ve Been Nominated for an Illuminating Blogger Award!

  1. Wow, Congratulations MaryEllen. I enjoy visiting your blog too and reading your reviews.

    Thanks for the award! I am on vacation right now, so it gives me time to think of what to write, especially the one unique thing about me. 🙂


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