Do You PaperBackSwap?

An icon that has become familiar with book readers everywhere!

I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with and the wonderful idea behind the program, but I’m a late bloomer and really didn’t know much about it until my sister Cynthia ( introduced me to it.  I quickly joined up, been a member now since September 2011, and began to post a few books to my shelf.

Now finding the books to post was a chore for me because I am, um…well, a book collector and posting books to give away just didn’t feel right.  Plus I love all my books so choosing was very hard for me, but somehow I found the courage and selected 10 books from my collection to post.  After all, you don’t get two free credits unless you post 10 books and I wanted those free credits.  Credits equal books!!

After posting my books I anxiously waited for a response.  It didn’t take long until someone requested one of my books which began my fun adventure of trading books on  Now I am hooked and am building up my credit for the time when I want to cash them in for an interesting book…or two…or three…or more; there’s no limit as long as you keep posting and sending books to other members!  It’s an exciting program to be a part of!

If you are a PaperBackSwap member, please check out my profile,, and add me as a friend.  I’ll follow you back, and together we can share books!

If you are not familiar with but you love to read, check out their webpage for more information.  It’s very easy to sign up and to begin your journey of receiving free books, well, not really free since you are paying the shipping when sending a book to a fellow member but the cost is actually cheaper than buying a book; even a discounted book and I think it’s worth it.  You may think it’s worth it too, so be sure to check out their site…join…and then add me as a friend; you just might have posted a book I am interested in receiving. 😀

Oh, and remember my sister?  The wonderful person who introduced me to  She’s PaperBackSwapping too!  It’ll be nice of you to visit her profile,, because she has a great selection of books posted on her shelf that might catch your eye.

See you at and HAPPY READING & RECEIVING to all you book lovers out there!

5 responses to “Do You PaperBackSwap?

  1. An idea for getting books to list is to go to yard sales or thrift shops where you can find them pretty cheap. Oh and library sales. Even though you pay a dollar or less, it is still worth it. And as far as paying the shipping, it really cancels out because when you request a book, the other person pays the shipping. That is how i see it anyway.

    Don’t forget that it isn’t just paperbacks, but hardbacks and audio books. Let the FUN begin!! 🙂

    • Those are some great suggestions! Thanks for sharing them. And mentioning that paperbacks aren’t the only book available is key – I should of said that in my post.

  2. With regards to your comment you left on my blog. Awww, MaryEllen you’re too kind. You should take it to church for the Sunday School children to watch, so you can take a picture of their excited face and get their feedback.

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